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Gangeshwar Mahadev


Many people who start and run Gaushalas believe that simply confining cattle in an enclosure and putting feed, fodder (dry and green) and water for them is all they have to do. This is not so and the incredibly high mortality rate of each Gaushala cannot be
explained away by simply saying that the animals were in poor condition when they arrived. In most Gaushalas, the animals are kept very poorly. They stand in the open during rain, hot sun or cold. There is usually overcrowding and the animals cannot move freely. The food is either inadequate or placed in such a way that only the dominant/aggressive animals get it. It is usually the cheapest dry hay. The water trough is badly placed.

Sewage/drainage systems do not exist and the animals stand in their own faeces, which to us is “useful gobar”, but to them is simply the discard of their bodies. Their feet become infected, they cannot sit or stand and they die quickly from decreased immunity and increased infection.